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NINEconsulting is an international, multidisciplinary organization specializing in the fields of engineering, architecture, landscape and urban design.
We strive to create and implement the aspirations of our clients, on time and within budget.
We endeavor to visualize a concept of design using principles which are timeless. We envisage that our designs will display elements that are refined and will realise a functional relationship with the environment in both time and place.
NINEconsulting embraces modern design and technology implemented with efficiency, effectiveness and elegance.


NINEconsulting exists to serve our clients. We believe that by listening to our clients we are able to understand their aims and objectives. This enables our designers to produce schemes having a strong correlation between the intended use and the actual design of the project.
At NINEconsulting our team takes pride in achieving the most efficient designs possible using our expertise and in depth knowledge of materials and new technologies.
At NINEconsulting economy is a spur, not an obstacle to creativity.
At NINEconsulting we strive to produce timeless structures devoid of unnecessary embellishment and endowed with elegance and refinement.
At NINEconsulting we believe that the built environment should serve humankind visually and functionally.


NINEconsulting has architects and fully trained staff covering the whole spectrum of engineering functions.
NINEconsulting staffs are qualified and able to undertake all developmental stages of any project from the conceptual design to the execution and project management.
We have fully equipped and modern offices and use the very latest techniques and equipment.
NINEconsulting are fully aware that the final quality of any work ultimately depends on the services we provide.


NINEconsulting is an innovative, multidisciplinary, ambitious and highly qualified team of young professionals. We believe that civilization requires cities, towns and villages to be enhanced by the quality of its civic, corporate and private structures.
NINEconsulting constantly strives to improve the aesthetic value of these works exploring new formal shapes, using new materials and employing the ongoing advances in technology offering inventive solutions. We believe that precious, natural resources should be used wisely and effectively for the benefit of all humankind.
NINEconsulting are ready to help you achieve your aspirations.